Be A Dry Ice Retailer

Sell Dry Ice In Your Retail Store

If the products you are selling in your retail store have a use for dry ice, it is a profitable decision to be a Dry Ice Columbus retailer. With our recognizable branding and high quality fresh dry ice, we are confident a partnership with Dry Ice Columbus will be a success.

Inventory In-Store

Our merchandiser contains 120 blocks of 5 lbs equating 600 lbs of fresh dry ice.

Transporting Dry Ice

Your customers should bring a cooler for transporting dry ice home.

Let’s Discuss A Partnership

Why Partner With Dry Ice Columbus 

Happy Customers

Giving your customers the convenience of purchasing high quality dry ice in your store helps boost the purchase of your products requiring dry ice for storage.

Additional Customers To Your Retail Location

Increased traffic coming through your door increases profit to your business. 

Advertisement of Your Retail Business

Promotional advertisement on our Dry Ice Columbus website and social media sites enhances awareness of your retail business.

You Can Count On Us

Dry Ice Columbus will supply and maintain an attractive and clean dry ice merchandiser container holding quality fresh dry ice for your customers.

With our in-house manufacturing, we have total control over producing fresh quality dry ice for your customers’ dry ice needs.

Call for details on Partnering with us